BARITE is a mineral composed of Barium Sulfate (BaSO4). The high specific gravity of barite makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial, medical, and manufacturing uses. Barite also serves as the principle ore of Barium. Our barite powder is noted for its high specific gravity and is used as a filler and weighting agent. The barite powder that we offer is usually sold as an aggregate or fine powder.


  • Major source of Barium
  • As a pigment for paper, textiles, cosmetics, ceramics and paints
  • In paper and rubber industries;
  • As a filler or extender in cloth, ink, paint, and plastics products
  • In preparation of heavy cement and concrete
  • In radiation shielding cements and glass ceramics
  • As lubricant for anode rotors in X-ray tubes
  • In medical science for special X-ray tests - in radiography ("barium milkshake");
  • In diagnostic medical tests/medical applications
  • For sound reduction in various engine compartments
  • Making smooth and corrosion resistant coat of trucks and automobiles.
  • In the production of so-called "lead" crystal or "leaded" glass
  • As a flux in glass making
  • To make special containers used to store radioactive materials
  • As getter (scavenger) alloys in vacuum tubes;
  • Spark-plug alloys
  • Deoxidizer for copper
  • To control formation pressure
  • To stabilize the borehole
  • As a weighting agent in drilling muds, oil and natural gas drilling (all types of drilling fluids)
  • In preparation of solids-laden plugs for well control application
  • In the production of brake pads and clutches for cars and trucks (friction products for automobiles and trucks) sound reduction in engine compartments


  • 25kg bag
  • 50 kg bag
  • 1 ton jumbo bag
  • 1.5 tons jumbo bag
  • 2 tons jumbo bag


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